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The watering system that we use depens always on three fundamental points;
Watery plants necessities.
The climate of the place (strong winds).
The quality of the water (salt or calcerous).
All the watering system that we install are compiled of;
A computer that controls the quantity, days, hours and the time of watering, and a battery with the different sectors that the watering system is composed by.
Two types of watering; aerial or undergrown. The aerial one, is used in places where there is a good quality of water, with no problems of the scarcity of water, because it is lost by evaporation.
The undergrown system is the one we advise to use, because you can save about 60 % of water, because there is no leaking by evaporation or saturation. The water goes directly to the roots,and we can be watering with little salted or purified waters.

Job system by water drip
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Instalation of water drip

Water sprinklers