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Our company plans the full design of your external space.Once we have completed your project, taking into account the climate and water limitations of our island, we work with another qualified professionals (electricians, plumbers, etc.). We work quickly and cleanly so you can enjoy of a pleasent environment in a record time.
Here we show some photograps of past projects, in which all the basic phases are carried out.
Such as the cleaning and preparation of your land, all the construction work,the fertilization of the soil,the installation of the watering and illumination systems,
the plantation of trees, bushes and the sowing of a variety of resistant grasses
And the last photograph...

Finished project

A.First jobs.

C.Plant of grass and trees

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1.Begining of construction

2.Moviment of eart

3.Plant of grass and trees

B.Moviment of eart

D.End of project